Position available in 2021. Successful candidate need not be an AIO member, but good working knowledge of pipe organs and organbuilding is necessary. Responsibilities include:

Soliciting new material for publication.

Coordinating with convention presenters to see which lectures and other offerings could usefully be turned into Journal articles, for the benefit of those who didn’t attend the Convention.

Liaising with the following, to furnish, assist, or obtain and edit the following:

1) Executive Secretary, for the regular column, election results, and advertising content

2) Publications Chair, for direct Journal management, enforcement of policy, a regular column; assist with the production of Chair reports for Board meetings and to help produce an annual report of Journal activity in advance of the Annual Meeting. To draft an Editor’s report as necessary.

3) President, for the regular column

4) Convention Chairs and Convention Co-ordinator, for advance articles on conventions

5) Education Chair, for advance articles on mid-year seminars

6) Exam Chair, for a regular column and articles on exam topics

7) Vice President–Membership Chair, for nominations and new member listings

8) Secretary, for reception of minutes from Board and Annual meetings

9) Assigning a reviewer and a photographer for conventions and mid-year seminars, then receiving and editing that material so that the Journal always contains a permanent record of official AIO events

10) Collating all candidate nomination photographs, biographies and statements for inclusion, and preparing a stand-alone PDF to the Executive Secretary for election purposes

11) Website committee, to provide an electronic version of the Journal for inclusion on the website as each issue is published

12) Treasurer, to provide either quarterly or no less than annually and before the close of the fiscal year, invoices with names, addresses, and compensation amounts for author honoraria according to an established schedule

Work with the magazine designer to:

1) Provide all text in good language, consistent style, and predictable electronic format 

2) Search out and provide all appropriate photos, including captions for same where needed

3) Review various drafts of each number; send page proofs of individual articles to each author, for pre-publication review

4) Review final proof from printer for any extraordinary error

Work with the Publications Committee for:

1) Proofreading 

2) General Journal management and Publication policy

3) Assistance with article solicitation

4) Article peer-review

5) Long-range topic suggestions

Additional duties:

1) From time to time the Editor may be called upon to edit or assist in the preparation of additional documents as required by the organization and for additional compensation. This may include but is not limited to convention publications, organ documentation, photographic surveys, brochures, etc.

2) The Editor will be expected to create their own AIO Publication style sheets to assist authors in the preparation and submission of articles and stoplists, and for consistency of same across the gamut of AIO publications.

3) The Editor is required to attend the Annual Convention as the outreach point person for Publications, to attend the annual meeting of the Publication Committee held in conjunction with the convention, and to liaise with attendees for article solicitation and good will.

4) The Editor shall attend both the Board Business Meeting and Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the AIO Annual Convention, and any additional meetings at the pleasure of the Board.


1) The Editor shall receive $2,000.00 per completed issue of the Journal, a quarterly, to be paid upon submission of an invoice to the Treasurer.

2) All travel expenses related to required attendance at AIO meetings and functions will be reimbursed upon the presentation of receipts to the Treasurer.

3) Compensation for non-Journal publications will be individually negotiated and commensurate with the size of the publication.

4) The Editor shall have a $500 annual budget line for incidentals such as office supplies, postage, and fees associated with reprint permissions, photographs, and licenses.

Application deadline is February 28, 2021. For more information or to submit your resume, contact Scot Huntington, Publications chair at slhorgans@aol.com, or Mark Hotsenpiller, Executive Secretary at execsec@pipeorgan.org.