The Schantz Organ Company, founded in 1873 by A.J. Tschantz, (later changed to Schantz) is the largest and oldest American pipe organ builder still under management of the founding family. Old world craftsmanship combines with modern techniques under one roof to produce instruments that, like our shop, are one of a kind. Building instruments of the utmost quality requires a highly trained, talented, and dedicated staff. Over the decades, craft skills have been passed from generation to generation of artisans who make up the team at Schantz Organ Company.

The Console Final Assembly position requires the training and development of skills in order to manufacture, restore, troubleshoot, and install all aspects of the pipe organ console. This person will also be expected to go on the road to perform on-site maintenance and installation work. Schantz Organ Company serves customers across the United States and these road trips can range from two days to up to two weeks. Typically, travel does not exceed six-eight weeks per year.

Ideal candidates would have experience with:
-Electronic and electromechanical devices


1. Willingness and ability to travel for installations and maintenance on various instruments.
2. Positive attitude and willingness to work as a team.
3. Ability to analyze and provide solutions to manufacturing challenges or problems.
4. Be familiar with production equipment and machinery, as well as safety guidelines.
5. Perform other duties as directed.

Applicants should submit their resume to Schantz Organ Company, PO Box 156, Orrville, OH 44667. Online submissions welcome at: