I discovered Organ Building as a teenager in Germany at a friend's shop and entered a formal three-year apprenticeship at seventeen with Alain Anselm near Orleans, France. Directly thereafter, I was assisting Maestro Bartolomeo Formentelli for the restauration of the Cavaille-Coll Organ at Castelnaudary Collegial, near Toulouse. Then I was fortunate to study with Mr. Philippe Hartmann along the construction of the new organ for the Flavigny Benedictine Monastery, in Burgundy. Ultimately my training culminated as I stayed a year with C.B. Fisk in Gloucester under the mentoring of Master Pipe Maker Roland Dumas. Upon my return to the Old Continent, I became involved with Piano Technology for about thirty years, which lead to the design and construction of a modern straight-strung 9' concert piano, delivered in 2016 to its commissionner in Ann Arbor, MI. I now live near Portland, OR and am back to my organ first passion. I am currently designing and building a practice organ inspired by the "Organo di Legno" of the Silberne Kapelle at Innsbruck.