Technology Atlanta Corporation provides concept-sketch to delivered-product design, development, and manufacturing services management to customers implementing industrial control and monitoring products and applications.

For the pipe organ industry, Technology Atlanta Corporation can help builders maintain and enhance organ control systems — from finding replacement parts for legacy systems, to creating one-of-a-kind control enhancements, to on-site assistance in diagnosis and repair of complex multiplex and capture systems from any manufacturer.
  • Over 35 years of embedded system development experience. From 8008 through ARM. Hardware and software.
  • Communications protocol development in dozens of diverse protocols on devices ranging from elevator dispatchers to hospital infusion pumps over serial, radio, and internet connections.
  • Project management from concept to deliverables. Mentor to customers, teaching communications technologies, measurement techniques, manufacturing processes and manufacturing management.
  • Extensive software development experience in languages from assembler, through C and PHP, to C#.
  • Digital and analog circuit design experience from schematic and HDL to PCB design, layout and packaging.
  • Experience in design, maintenance, and repair of pipe organ control systems both electro-mechanical and solid state.
  • Designing products to meet, and providing documentation of compliance with, UL/CE/FCC/NEC standards
Specialties: Pipe organ control systems, Device communications, Communication security and integrity, Interfaces, Digital Audio, Waveform Synthesis, Making things Move, Protocol Conversion, Device Drivers, Linux, BSD, System Architecture, Industrial Control, Industrial Monitoring, Schematic Design, Logic Design, Programming, Debugging and Diagnostic Software, DNP3, ModBus, Telemetry, Elevator control, monitoring and safety systems.