I have always been fascinated with musical, electrical, mechanical, & historic things. After graduating from Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music in 1974 with a degree in organ performance, I worked at Reuter Organ Company for eleven years, where I could satisfy the first three of those interests. I saw my first Deagan Tower Chime System in 1976 and completed my first Deagan restoration in 1982. Part-time work became full-time work in 1987: servicing, enlarging, & rebuilding pipe organs; servicing, restoring, & relocating tower chimes; and restoring the occasional reed organ. Deagan tower chimes and their electro-mechanical ringing equipment are the best ever built, and I consider my tower chime work to be historic preservation. In April, 2021, I stepped back from the extensive travel, leaving that in the capable hands of my partner Caleb Rheal. I continue to do some pipe organ work, provide tower chime tech support, and fight piles of paperwork.