The American Institute of Organbuilders is a professional association made up of pipe organbuilders, organ maintenance technicians, and those in allied professions supporting the pipe organ industry. The AIO’s objective is to advance the science and practice of pipe organbuilding by discussion, inquiry, research, experiment and other means, and to disseminate knowledge regarding pipe organbuilding by such means as lectures, publications and exchange of information.

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43rd Annual Convention of the American Institute of Organbuilders

August 27 – September 1, 2016 ~ Boston, Massachusetts

october 2016

13oct - 14oct 138:00 amoct 14Seminar: Organ Electrical Systems

november 2016

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december 2016

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january 2017

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Resources and Publications

As part of AIO’s commitment to the preservation of the organbuilding craft, we offer a host of technical resources, web links, publications and videos for reference by the professional and hobbyist alike. Some of these are free and some, due to the cost of archiving, are only available through subscription or membership. We invite you to use all of our resources and share this site with others.

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AIO Journal

This Institute publishes a quarterly journal featuring technical articles, product and book reviews, and a forum for the exhcange of building and service information and techniques.

Subscriptions are provided free to AIO members and are available to non-members by subscription.