Guidelines for Fine Organbuilding (PDF)
Guidelines for Pipe Organ Temperature Control (PDF)
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Some of the convention topics are listed below.

2001 Convention – Boston, Massachusetts

  • DVD 201-01: The Organs of E. & G.G. Hook, Barbara Owen
  • DVD 201-02: Historically Sympathetic Rebuilding, Robert Newton
  • DVD 201-03: Relief Pallets and Servo Mechanisms, Rick Isaacs
  • DVD 201-04: The Noack Method of Mechanical Action, Fritz Noack
  • DVD 201-05: The Architect and Organs, Frank Olney

2002 Convention – Los Angeles, California

  • DVD 202-01: The Los Angeles Art Organ Company, Ray Biswanger
  • DVD 202-02: Designing Organs in Response to Clients’ Needs, Steuart Goodwin
  • DVD 202-03: Truth in Winding, Harold Scholl
  • DVD 202-04: The Cathedral Organ: The Truth Revealed, Manual Rosales
    Design Adventures: Collaboration with Architects, Lynn Dobson
  • DVD 202-05: Entering the Tonal Unknown – Lecture/Demonstration, John Panning with Samuel Soria, Organist
  • DVD 202-06: Organ Structure: Preparing for the Big One!, John Seest
  • DVD 202-07: Adjusting Manual Keyboards, David Harris
  • DVD 202-08: The Electro-pneumatic Slider Chest Revisited, Lyle Blackington
  • DVD 202-09: Zen and the Art of Organ Maintenance, Joe O’Donnell
  • DVD 202-10: If Only! Organ That Never Were, Jonathan Ambrosino
  • DVD 202-11: Swell Box Design and Construction – Panel Discussion, Michael Barone, Moderator
    Roy Redman. Robert Vaughan, Jack Bethards
  • DVD 202-12: “The Aging of Organ Leather” and Related Topics, Harley V. Piltingsrud
  • DVD 202-13: The Melbourne, Australia Project, Jeff Dexter and Eric Gastier

2003 Convention – Atlanta, Georgia

  • DVD 203-01: Glues: Sticky Issues of Organbuilding, Eugene Bjorn Thordahl
  • DVD 203-02: How to Fly a Pipe Organ: Airplane Cockpit or Organ Console, Fred Bahr
  • DVD 203-03: Blinkin’ and Puffin’: The Mystery of Primary Actions, William Czelusniak
  • DVD 203-04: Mind Your Own Business, Patrick Murphy
  • DVD 203-05: Acoustics in Existing Buildings, Dawn Schuette
  • DVD 203-06: The Mystery of Hollowed Wood, John Nolte
  • DVD 203-07: Acoustics in New Buildings: Get it Right the First Time, Rein Pirn with Richard Morris, Organ
  • DVD 203-08: Contemporary Sight and Sound: Looking Forward and Backward, Jack Bethards with David Brensinger, Organ
  • DVD 203-09: Making the Most of Wood Resources – A Strategy for the 21st Century, John Boody
  • DVD 203-10: Finishes: Protecting Perfection, Bal JorrinDVD 203-11: The Auditorium Armory Organ in Atlanta, Lee Orr

2004 Convention – New York, New York

  • DVD 204-01: The Orchard in the Apple, Stephen Pinel
  • DVD 204-02: Minding Your Own Business, Mike Foley
  • DVD 204-03: The Canon Rules of Good Case Design, Didier Grassin
  • DVD 204-04: What Goes Where and Why, Sebastian Gluck
  • DVD 204-05: First, Do No Harm – Panel Discussion, Laurence Libin, moderator
    Joseph Dzeda, Richard Hamar, Scot Huntington
  • DVD 204-06: Command and Control – Panel Discussion, Richard Houghten, moderator
    Duncan Crundwell, Allen Miller, Scott Peterson, Henry Wemecamp, Arthur Young
  • DVD 204-07: A New Age for the Concert Hall Organ, Craig Whitney