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AIO Board of Directors and Committee Structure

Board members are responsible for communicating with the committee(s) in their columns.
Committees are chaired by the first person listed. Board and some committee terms expire following the annual convention in the year listed.

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President ’18
Phillip K. Parkey
770-368-3216 w

Vice President ‘18
Michael Lauffer
614-279-2211 w

Charles Eames

Secretary ‘17
Joseph O’Donnell

Receive and review nominations for membership, recommend action to board. Seek new members, recommend action regarding inactive members.

Review by-laws, minutes of board and annual meetings. Review proposed amendments to the by-laws.

Joseph O’Donnell
Mark Hotsenpiller
John Panning

Board Member ‘20
Jim Steinborn
970-227-5699 m

Board Member ‘19
Matthew J. Parsons
585-229-5888 w

Board Member ‘20
Joel Vanderzee
519-584-0882 w

Board Member ‘19
Cameron Couch
330-877-8800 w

Board Member ‘19
William E. Catanesye, III
781-858-5087 m

Administer training program and plan educational content of conventions and mid-year seminars.

Fredrick Bahr ’19
John Boody ’19
Brad Jones ’19
Michael Lauffer ’19
Stephen Spake ’19

Establish criteria, scope and procedure for annual exams.

Bryan Timm 16’
Christopher Nagorka ‘15
Joseph G. Zamberlan ‘17

Receive complaints and inquiries regarding ethics matters. Recommend action to board of directors

Michael L. Bigelow
C. Joseph Nichols
Roger Inkpen

Procure and review articles, administer literary awards.

Scot Huntington
Richard Houghten
John Panning
Fredrick W. Bahr
Christoph Wahl

AIO/APOBA Exhibits
Further the goals of the AIO through outreach projects. Coordinate and staff the organ industry display booth at AGO and NPM conventions.

Viktoria Franken
Michael Lauffer

Workplace Safety & Environmental  Sustainability
Draw up guidelines to help all AIO members to better understand and comply with environmental and workplace safety regulations.

Joseph Rotella
Andrew Forrest

Convention Overview
Hold review session in February to evaluate previous convention. Help new convention committees with organization and hotel negotiations.

David Beck
Convention Coordinator

Brad Jones
Robert Sullivan
Charles Eames

Review AIO financial records and report to the membership at annual business meeting.

James Steinborn

Website Resources
Develop a comprehensive online website resource for pipe organ service information

Bryan Timm
Christopher Nagorka
Dennis P. Milnar

Select candidates for election at annual business meeting.

Charles Eames
Scot Huntington
John Riester
Jonathan Ross
Stephen Spake

Executive Secretary
Robert Sullivan
PO Box 35306, Canton, OH 44735
330-806-9011; e-mail:

Journal Editor
Jonthan Ambrosino
61 Prince Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
617-251-8288; e-mail: