The American Institute of Organbuilders is a professional association made up of pipe organbuilders, organ maintenance technicians, and those in allied professions supporting the pipe organ industry. The AIO’s objective is to advance the science and practice of pipe organbuilding by discussion, inquiry, research, experiment and other means, and to disseminate knowledge regarding pipe organbuilding by such means as lectures, publications and exchange of information.

What does it cost?

Membership dues are $145.00 annually

Why join AIO? …Here are ELEVEN reasons:

In addition to joining your peers in an organization committed to the preservation of the art of organbuilding you will enjoy:

  1. Convention & Seminar discounts: Your annual dues are deducted from the normal convention rate and there are similar discounts for those members attending Mid-year Seminars.
  2. Mid-year Seminars: Special hands-on seminars are available to everyone. Members receive early notifications for reservations; these events often fill to capacity and we are sometimes forced to turn folks away.
  3. The JOURNAL OF AMERICAN ORGANBUILDING: You receive a mailed subscription to the quarterly publication.
  4. Members Only Section: online access to this section of the Website for:
    • AIO Journal PDF files, past issues
    • AIO lecture Series from past conventions
    • Technical Resources
    • Formula Worksheets & Conversion Tables
    • Proprietary Manuals from various manufacturers
    • Links to manufacturers online service manuals
    • Practical and theoretical articles on all facets of organbuilding
  5. Member Directory: This is a quick way for anyone visiting the website to find your contact information; searchable by state, city, zip code, member name or employer name.
  6. Member Portfolio: You have the option to list examples of your work in this section; searchable by Topic (consoles, Additions, Rebuilds, Restorations, New Installations) Builder or Member.
  7. Items for Sale: Access to listing an item for sale in the Resources area of the website; searchable by complete organs, parts, pipes and tools.
  8. Ask-A-Question: Participation in the AIO list server where you receive inquiries from peers and visitors to the website; and where you can post your own questions regarding all things pipe organ. Get help with technical problems or sources for supplies, materials and antique components.
  9. Job Opportunities: Access to listing openings in your company.
  10. Supplies & Service: Do you supply to the trade? Add your name to this list in the Resource Section.
  11. Industry Events Calendar: Access to adding events such as Recitals, Dedications, Open Houses.

New members may be nominated to one of four AIO membership categories:

Regular (voting) membership is open to full-time builders and maintenance technicians with at least five years’ experience in the profession.

Associate membership is for full-time apprentices with less than five years in the profession.

Affiliate membership is for those who are engaged in an allied profession which supports the pipe organ industry.

Student membership is for curious full-time students under the age of 25.

All nominees are asked to obtain the nominating signature of a current Regular or Charter AIO member. Nominees for Regular membership should also provide the name of two additional Regular or Charter members to act as references. Each reference will be contacted to vouch for the nominee’s work and business ethics.

Potential nominees for Regular membership who cannot find two additional references may be nominated in the Associate category. All Associate members must apply for Regular membership after they have achieved five years of experience. Student members become Associate members at the age of 25. 

Annual membership dues are $145, payable before the end of each calendar year. Student members pay dues at one-half the normal rate. Each member receives a subscription to the Institute’s quarterly publication, The Journal of American Organbuilding. Current members receive discounted rates for conventions and seminars, and have exclusive access to the archive of past Journals and lecture videos. 

A one-time joining fee of $50 is required, and is to be submitted with the application. The fee will be returned if the candidate is not approved. Approval for membership is granted by the AIO’s Board of Directors after the nominee’s name has been published in the AIO Journal.

Please mail the completed membership application form with a check for $50, payable to “AIO”, to the Executive Secretary at the address below. In lieu of postal mail, scanned applications may be sent to the email address below along with credit card information for processing payment of the joining fee.

Membership Nomination Form

American Institute of Organbuilders
Executive Secretary – Mark Hotsenpiller
PO Box 1695
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Phone: 415.385.8204 — Email: