June Tragedies

Many of you will have heard about the devastating fire at the Dobson Pipe Organ Builders shop. The building and its contents were totally destroyed on Tuesday. Please keep John Panning, Lynn Dobson, and crew in your hearts and minds as they find their way forward. May a phoenix rise from the ashes.

Most of you also know that the Laukhuff company will close its doors permanently on June 30 after 198 years. Reorganizing efforts have failed, and no investors have come forward to offer assistance.

Effects of these tragedies will reverberate throughout the organbuilding and musical world. We are a resilient bunch of folks, many of whom have encountered grave adversities of their own and managed to overcome them. We wish everyone well, and offer condolences to each of them on their huge losses. Yes, we are competitors, but most importantly, we are family. And family takes care of their own.

Mark Hotsenpiller, Executive Secretary

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