In 1973, a group of organbuilders met in Washington, D.C. to explore the possibility of planning a professional association. A provisional board was established and a constitution committee was appointed. In September of 1974, a convention was held in Dayton, Ohio, which adopted a constitution and bylaws, signed charter members and elected a board of directors. Since that time, conventions have been held each year in cities throughout the United States and Canada. These meetings are structured around a full schedule of technical lectures, visits to local organ shops and instruments, product exhibits and business meetings. The opportunity to meet other builders, technicians and suppliers for the purpose of sharing ideas and information is another important benefit of each convention.

The AIO midyear seminars provide further opportunities for professional growth. These weekend seminars are held in organ shops throughout the country and are structured to provide hands-on training in a variety of small group settings. Unlike the annual conventions, seminar registration is open to AIO members only.

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