Matthew Bellocchio is a project manager and designer at Andover Organ Company, in Lawrence, MA, which he joined in 2003. He held similar positions at Roche Organ Company in Taunton, MA, Marceau & Associates and Bond Organbuilders in Portland, OR, and Parsons Pipe Organs in Canandaigua, NY. He also works on Andover’s publicity and sales, and leads the Berkshires-to-Buffalo maintenance team. A Charter Member and Fellow of the AIO, Matthew chaired the AIO Education Committee (1997-2009), served two terms on the AIO Board of Directors (1993-1996; 2010-2012) and as AIO President (2012-2015.) During his presidency, he initiated AIO Board videoconference meetings, started the “35 and Under” convention gatherings and spearheaded the AIO Fifth Decade Fund campaign, which raised over $17,000 to underwrite the new AIO website and video. He also served on the AIO 1979 and 2001 Boston convention committees and chaired the 2016 Boston convention. Matthew has lectured about tracker action and organ case architecture at five AIO conventions, and at national conventions of the AGO and OHS. He has published articles in The Journal of American Organbuilding, The American Organist, The Diapason, The Tracker, and ISO Journal. In 2009 he received the AIO Otto Hoffman Literary Prize for his article, “Repairing and Restoring 19th Century Slider Chests.”